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"Your Neighbors Are Just Feeding Corn"

Peanut Magnet Flavoring

Contains Roasted Soybeans

More Protein and Fat Than Corn

Usage In The Field

Designed to be fed through spin or gravity style feeders or to simply be poured onto the ground.

Feed Year Round

Winter – Help your herd survive the stress with increased protein/fat
Spring / Summer – Get your bucks to their full genetic potential with added micro-nutrients and minerals.
Fall – Attract and hold deer on your property with peanut flavoring and roasted soybeans for maximum trail cam pictures and hunting opportunities.

Peanut Flavoring

Enhanced with peanut flavoring to attract and hold deer on your property.

40% More

Has 40% more protein and fat than corn plus micro-nutrients and minerals to help your deer herd reach its full potential.


“I have tried about everything on the market today to help me attract deer to my property. I feed year round and have used all kinds of attractants and supplements including corn, flavored corn, as well as other mixes. I decided to do a trial run with a 50lb. Bag of corn and the 40lb. Bag of the Whitetail Trail Mix. The trail camera pictures showed me that not only did the deer prefer the Mix first, but they also dug up a hole looking for more, prior to even beginning to eat from the regular corn pile. I have not found anything better at consistently keeping deer in the area other than the Whitetail Trail Mix. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.”
-James Crouse, Huntington, WV

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